Recent years, Shekou Customs, Shekou CIQ, and others Port Administrative Authorities aim to improve the Customs process. They have invested in electronic systems and have realized the rule and specialty of international logistics. Significant achievements were taken and communication and cooperation were enhanced. A series of customs reforms were initiated successively: The new convenient declaration platform in Shenzhen west ports has been built up. Shekou Customs launched the ¡°one-platform¡± declaration service in shekou declaration center. The Customs-Harbor Link Platform was put into use. 24 hours declaration service for international transshipment cargo and imported empty container, Supervision through Computers connected, ¡°Electronic Customs Declaration¡± and so on. Shekou CIQ spreads uses of electronic declaration, electronic visa and electronic transfer. Successively reformed supervision model in recently years. It made the creations and leaps. Not only releases fast but also protects country border. All these reform measures above improve and maintain the declaration environment in Shenzhen west port.

    Contact Number of Customs and CIQ:

Operation Query: 86-755-8439-5370

Office£º Responsible for correspond and deal with daily affairs and reform of Customs declaration concerned.

General Operation: Responsible for deal with declaration of export and import cargoes. Collect the Customs Duties of concerned cargo. Dispose dispute of levy duties. Dispose the application for temp-cargo of export and import, maintained cargo, lease cargo and cancellation cargo and so on. Pre-classify and Pre-examine price of cargoes.

Vessels Supervision Section: Responsible for levies tonnage dues of ship in-and-out Shekou Ports. Signs tonnage dues certificate. Manages the barge put on record and annual summary. Sign for, confirmation, alteration and verification of imported manifests. Processes cargo release for import and export declaration (un-inspection cargo).

Chiwan Supervision Section: Supervises the exports and imports via Chiwan and empty container. Reviews and Releases the declaration forms for transit customs. Cargo inspection and export manifest verification processing and redeclaration for export cargo. Review and issue declaration forms for international transshipment cargoes and so on.

Shekou CIQ
Operation Query: 86-755-2667-7055

Office: Responsible for daily affairs and business coordination

Inspection Affairs Section: Dispose inspection declaration, billing, check, issue declaration forms, signing certification, cargo release and manage operation procedure. Manages concerned data statistics, and inspection documents and so on.

Section.1(Light Industry): Check and inspection of export clothes, textile goods and textile material of export and import, paper, toy and veneer of export and import, export horologe, export shoes and so on.

Section.2(Machinery and Electron): Inspection of export and import machine, transport vehicle, electronical and electrical products, home appliances, medical equipment, safety and fire fighting equipment, whole set machinery and others.

Section.3(Chemistry and Mineral): Check and quarantine of chemical mineral, cement, pottery, cosmetic, metal material and products. Inspection of petroleum and fertilizer. Authentication of ore, metal pottery, cement and concerned goods.

Section.4(Plant): Quarantine of plant and plant products of export and import, import commissariat and bean, plant feed, plank and board and wood packing.

Section.5(Animal): Check and quarantine of animal and its products of in-and-out port, alive pig offered Hong Kong, small batch aquatic products and so on.

Section.6(Eatable): Quarantine of import and export food, packing can, cooked meat products, milk and dairy products, honey products, edible oil, dry fruit, sock, health care products, beverage, tobacco, alcohol, sugar, tea, condiment, food additive, China traditional medicine, pastry, egg products and so on.

Section7.(Sanitation): Quarantine of in-and out port personnel, cargoes, vessel and container. Investigation of rag-pestilence. Appraise of perish and put out it. Register the barge out and home. Supervise of port sanitation.

Office be Stationed Terminal: Quarantine of vessel, container and cargo in and out port. Supervise of port sanitation. Manages gate. Inspection of exports and imports. Assist Customs with processing verification of import and export cargoes.

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